David Mastroianni

Industry Advisor

David has more than 35 years of experience in the natural products industry which includes the vitamin, herbal, sports nutrition, and weight management product categories.  He has led the research, development and marketing of many of the best-selling, innovative products, product lines and brands available today.  He is responsible for some of the most successful vitamins, targeted supplements, sports nutrition and diet products on the market, and pioneered the introduction of a number of industry firsts such as phytonutrients and mixed carotenoid supplements.

David has held senior executive positions with Allergy Research Group, Solgar, Weider Nutrition International,  Enrich International and Pacific Health Labs. He served as president of Unicity, a $320 million network marketing company that was owned by the large Dutch nutrition company, Royal Numico.  As the Managing Director of InQpharm North America for Zaluvida, David formed a new division with 20 employees and gained distribution for a patented weight loss aid in over 30,000 retail outlets in the US. David has experience doing business in all classes of trade: mass market, direct selling, health food, General Nutrition Centers, health professional market and e-commerce.