Kevin Engholdt

Industry Advisor

Industry Advisor

Kevin Engholdt has over fifteen years of experience in consulting across industries within pharmaceuticals, higher education, technology, and healthcare. Within this timeframe, Kevin also has ten years of experience starting and successfully exiting four companies.

Today, Mr. Engholdt is the Founder of Infinitum Health, LLC, an integrative medicine products company. Infinitum Health, LLC ( was created to deliver high quality Integrative Medicine products with patented flagship products like Infinimin® (Immunity Multivitamin) and Infiniderm® (Daily Youth Lotion), that combine a base formulation with additional organic extracts proven by evidence-based research for their anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and unique immunostimulating effects.

In addition, Mr. Engholdt currently has consulting responsibilities with the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, AZ, and manages a boutique management consulting firm focused on non-profit niche industries.

Mr. Engholdt holds an MBA from the University of Arizona, an MS in Biotechnology from the University of Wisconsin and has executive training in Strategy and Innovation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


  • (480) 371-6620