Alvin Berger

Industry Advisor

Professor/Dr. Alvin Berger holds numerous advanced degrees and Professorships in Nutrition and lipids (fats), with a plethora of high-profile publications, and pioneering discoveries in metabolomics (measuring hundreds of molecules at once) and endocannabinoids (a hot field right now). On the commercial side, he has over 30-years’ experience heading up innovative teams for large multi-national companies, leading to numerous, diverse nutritional product launches. On the communication side, he is a frequent guest on podcasts, radio shows, and his work has been increasingly featured in consumer media. He is currently CEO at Sciadonics/SciaEssentials developing anti-inflammatory lipids; and co-founder of Life Sense Products developing “keto-friendly” products. He is a featured specialist in the web series, “Real Skinny on Fat,” where he provides insights about KetoMCT and other ketogenic fats, which most recently was spotlighted on “The Dr. Oz” show. He is a proud member of the Cannabinoid Medicine Studies Advisory Board.