Jessica Pratt

Industry Advisor

Jessica Pratt is an Industry Advisor with Silverwood Partners in the organic and natural food, beverage, and product sectors. Ms. Pratt is currently the Chief Sales Officer at Pop & Bottle, a provider of plant-based, functional lattes with no dairy or refined sugars.  Ms. Pratt was previously Vice President of Sales at Suja Juice, the leading organic cold pressed fruit and vegetable juice company where she focused on Natural Food Service and Military Retail opportunities. Ms. Pratt was a founding team member at Suja Juice, where she contributed to both rapid revenue growth and brand adoption. She helped to grow Suja Juice from inception to a nationally accessible multi-million dollar company.

Previously, Ms. Pratt specialized as an organic and natural food/beverage broker for Dynamic Presence Marketing, selling over 400 different brands to retail customers like Whole Foods Markets, Sprouts and NGVC. At Dynamic Presence, she helped large and small brands with merchandising, branding, sales, placement, distribution and promotional opportunities. Ms. Pratt also previously worked with Clif Bar as a Marketing Manager on the California Field Marketing team and earlier in her career for Trader Joe’s.

Ms. Pratt has deep expertise in brand growth, distribution and retail requirements. She has a BA in Communication from California State University San Marcos.