Lauren Clardy

Industry Advisor

Lauren Clardy is a C- level executive and advisor with over 25 years of solid expertise in the health and wellness industry including nutraceuticals, functional foods & beverages, and natural products. She has developed new ventures and new paths to market with leading global firms, and advised high potential, early to mid-stage technology companies to further scale up of their brands. From generating new concepts to commercializing nutrition innovation she provides a fully integrated approach for delivering profitable commercial results.

Lauren excels at identifying and positioning science along with developing product concepts and leveraging the latest trends to promote toward potential markets. Additionally, she has helped companies with building and sorting through existing new product pipelines, while identifying and validating new growth areas.  Lauren has a proven track record of driving corporate growth and revenue from concept through commercialization.

Lauren provides a combination of scientific depth, regulatory & clinical expertise, consumer understanding and commercial experience – all essential components of delivering distinguished, actionable products for long-term sustainable growth and marketplace success. She is skilled at bridging emerging science from functional ingredients into consumer products, including regulatory, formulation, and commercial aspects. She is a results-oriented leader known for her versatile skill set and ability to cultivate strategic partnerships. Her deep expertise and significant range of knowledge tools enable Lauren to deliver sustainable and lasting business solutions to companies. Lauren is well positioned to add value to a company in the health and wellness space.

Lauren’s background spans all along the value and supply chain. Lauren has led growth for many leading companies in the industry including AIDP, Inc, Natural Remedies, KGK Science, Nippi Collagen, Traditional Medicinals, and Nordic Naturals. She has driven significant revenue growth to new corporate milestones and increased sales for multiple ingredient brands and bioactives.

In 2009, Lauren founded NutriMarket Business and took on the challenge of creating and building a dynamic and successful consulting firm. As Founder and CEO, her company plays a strategic and tactical role in developing, planning, and implementing marketing and commercialization initiatives for market leaders and technology visionaries in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets for the health and wellness industry.

During her career, Lauren has had her “hand” in the launch of hundreds of new products and generated significant incremental revenue for companies. Lauren has launched numerous companies into the market which have become category market leaders and successful new brands in the industry. She brings to companies a wealth of creativity and solid experience utilizing a unique combination of innovation, marketing, science, regulatory and product development expertise. Lauren excels at identifying and interpreting innovative new product and novel ingredient concepts and has worked on all stages of development to transform trends and science into market-ready products.

Lauren is a Principal Advisory board member to Nutrition Capital Network, (NCN) which connects health and wellness brands seeking capital with investors looking to expand their access to deal flow. NCN represents all facets of the industry, including ingredients, functional foods, supplements, personal care, and related technology solutions. She also serves as a Board Advisor to the American Botanical Council and Silverwood Partners.

She has been a featured writer for various trade publications and is a popular speaker for the nutraceutical market as an expert in innovation, and trends in the health & wellness industry.

Lauren received her BSc in Nutrition from the University of California, Davis, and has postgraduate work in Nutrition at Oregon State University. Lauren is passionate about food science, upcycling and how food affects all cultures.