Michele Sawyer

Industry Advisor

Michele Sawyer, CEO and founder of Sawyer Design Vision, brings over 20 years of experience and expertise to the consumer and healthy living industry through graphic design, marketing and branding strategy, and her innate understanding of product identity. Her, client-oriented approach and compelling, consumer-focused strategy contribute to invigorate brand loyalty by delivering acclaimed packaging, logos, displays, websites, collateral and ads.

Ms. Sawyer began her career at HBO where her love of architecture and industrial design led her to start working in the beauty industry where she has made her name designing for brands like Bliss and the Estee Lauder companies.

In 1997 Ms. Sawyer founded Sawyer Design Vision where she created brand images – from logos to packaging design – for global and indie brands with a focus on the beauty category. There she built a reputation for her unique style, creativity and innovation, and her ability to assist new brands in planning their vision, among a wide range of brand leaders. Ms. Sawyer’s understanding of product identity, along with the ability to encourage brand loyalty, help brands achieve wider product distribution and, ultimately, sales.

Ms. Sawyer is an industry thought leader and is a regular speaker at beauty and packaging conferences. Her topics range from branding strategies in the natural/organic space, authenticity, and expanding distribution channels. She received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College.