Star Power in CPG – Accessing Celebrity Reach for Investment Advantage

Silverwood Partners has today published a Strategic Analysis of the Consumer Industry – download here or from the image below. The presentation is an analysis of the growing involvement of celebrities and influencers as investors and business owners in the consumer products industry.  Highlights of the Industry Analysis Include:

  • Under-Monetized Commercial Opportunity for Celebrities – other businesses with equivalent customer reach have valuations in the $billions
  • Many Examples of Successful Business Investment by Celebrities 
  • Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Alcohol, Dominate celebrity investment
  • Review of 60+ Celebrity Backed Companies
  • Private Placement and M&A Market Analysis

If you are a celebrity or influencer and would like to discuss how you can maximize your value through business investment, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your strategic and financing needs. Contact Jonathan Hodson-Walker to schedule a meeting.