As the economy incrementally begins to re-open, the Silverwood Partners Healthcare team has considered in the attached analysis (Click here to download) what are expected to be enduring trends in a post-coronavirus environment.

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Key Takeaways
Telehealth – Consolidation, new companies and innovation expected
Supply Chain – Fulfillment and logistics become paramount
Repatriated Manufacturing – Lower reliance on non-US suppliers, US OEMs benefit
Stockpiling – States and hospital systems likely to increase inventories
Cheaper Medical Products – Those normally sold outside the US may see increased domestic demand
Tough Selling Into Hospitals – Expect  a degree of near and mid term challenges for new products
Value-based Pricing Pressure – Greater scrutiny going forward
Testing and Analysis – Focus on real time and point-of-care testing
Patient Engagement – More tools for wellness and disease management, monitored remotely