HealthCare Trends 2020 – Silverwood Partners Industry Analysis

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Silverwood’s healthcare investment banking team combines deep industry expertise and a global reach. Silverwood has today published an Industry Analysis of current trends in the Healthcare Industry (Click here to download) that covers the following:

  • Connectivity: Communication between devices, doctors and patients will improve patient outcomes and lead to greater patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Automation: Robotics and new imaging and diagnostic modalities will create new patient care pathways
  • Anatomic vs. Function Measurements: Anatomical measurements mean direct measurement of patient conditions, leading to more precise care
  • Precision Diagnosis & Therapy: New techniques will permit individualized care promoting improved outcomes
  • Data Analytics: Will lead to new diagnostic and treatment paradigms
  • AI/Machine Learning: Will enable improvements in diagnosis/treatments and improve device performance
  • Cost Effectiveness: New technologies and care pathways will need to demonstrate cost benefits alongside improved outcomes
  • Regulatory: New approaches to speed regulatory approvals are being developed in the U.S.
  • Value-Based Care: Will change hospital and physician payment models from present fee-based approaches
  • Cross Functional Treatment Teams: New patient care paradigms will improve patient care and disrupt physician payment models

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