Silverwood Partners has today published a Strategic Analysis of the Media and Entertainment Technology Industry – download here.

Highlights of the Silverwood Industry Analysis Include:

  • Media Industry Consolidating To Gain Scale to Compete With…
  • FAANG/Big Tech – Significantly Increasing Investment In Media Industry
  • Media Industry Too Large To Ignore – Trillion Dollar Companies Need Trillion Dollar Markets
  • 5G Deployment Imminent – Will Accelerate Transition To Mobile Media Consumption
  • Major Wireless Operators Increasingly Interested In Content – Natural Value-add To Wireless Offerings
  • Cord Cutting Accelerating
  • FAANG M&A Activity – Historical Review
  • Gaming And ESports – Growing Competition For Traditional Media
  • Traditional Media OTT Capabilities – Review
  • Media Technology Industry Consolidating – Private Equity Involvement

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